Lessons Learned

Lots of Firsts and Lessons Learned

It’s been a crazy year.  Busy, hilarious, frustrating, exhausting, and life-changing.  There have been a lot of lessons learned and trying new things.  This is what I’d like to share with you.

Any kind of change can be exciting and scary all at once.  In the past year, I’ve planned a wedding (that in itself could be an entire archive of lessons…), married into the military (no matter how much I thought I was prepared… definitely not…), found a puppy that was far too cute to not keep, bought a house, sold that same house (again… military), became an aunt to the cutest little boy (I might be slightly biased) and will soon be living in a new city, starting a new chapter with my husband.  As much as all of that change is frightening at times, it’s all an adventure.

I want to share the adventures, the new things I try that work (or don’t work), the funny stories, the attempted stress-relief, and what I learn from all of it.

I hope you enjoy it!  Let me know if any of you awesome adventurers have stories you’d like to share or lessons you think would be helpful for others!

And… here we go!



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