When Anxiety Takes Over

"I need help." Seems like a very easy thing to say, doesn't it?  We've all asked for help at times - help with everyday tasks or how to do something new.  It's simple.  We know we don't know everything.  We're human. According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, anxiety disorders are the most… Continue reading When Anxiety Takes Over


How Yoga Helps Me Manage Anxiety

Let's start out with this:  I'm not a coordinated, athletic person.  Never have been.  Highly doubt I ever will be.  And that's ok.  Yoga is a main part of "why." I'm also a person with anxiety.  I like trying new things, but I have to be super-prepared.  I'm OCD, want to research every option before… Continue reading How Yoga Helps Me Manage Anxiety

Lessons Learned

Creating Beauty out of Anxiety and Stress

I was in college when my stress levels starting hitting an all-time high.  A full-time engineering student in the middle of a nine-month winter in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.  A lack of sun did nothing to help a full load of classes, three jobs, and a instructor position helping other students succeed.  How was… Continue reading Creating Beauty out of Anxiety and Stress