Lessons Learned

Creating Beauty out of Anxiety and Stress

I was in college when my stress levels starting hitting an all-time high.  A full-time engineering student in the middle of a nine-month winter in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.  A lack of sun did nothing to help a full load of classes, three jobs, and a instructor position helping other students succeed.  How was I supposed to help younger students succeed if I was barely hanging onto the frayed end of my own rope?

The holidays came around and I was home, helping family with a craft show.  Between setting up and taking down tables, my aunt showed me how to do a very basic crochet stitch.  It wasn’t easy – the hook didn’t want to do exactly what I thought it should, and the yarn didn’t seem to end up as pretty as hers.  But it was something to do that let my mind wander and kept my hands busy.

Fast forward to classes the next semester.  I was sick of homework and sick of walking through snow to classes.  A girlfriend and I decided on a break.  Specifically, a chick-flick, face-mask, brownie, crochet break.  We chose “Pride and Prejudice”, and green face-mask (the selfies are still epic), caramel brownies and soft yarn for new blankets we’d make for ourselves.

Ever since, crochet has been my stress-relief.  The feeling of creating something all yours and beautiful is addicting.  I could collect yarn and patterns and ideas.  My husband has implemented a “one project at a time” rule – not that I blame him.  I get into a project – and depending on the day, need something to challenge me (so maybe a new small project?) or something to calm me down (keep working on larger project).

I’ll share some of my favorites – and some of the best tutorials I’ve found.  Maybe you can learn too and let your mind wander while creating something for yourself!

Let me know what your stress relief is and how you discovered it!  I’d love to hear your stories!



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